Michael Provenza Disney Art

The Acme Gallery at Disney Town Shanghai is proud to announce The Art of Michael Provenza currently in exhibition at the gallery. Michael is a celebrated international artist known for his unique style of interpreting licensed characters.

MAGICAL BEGINNINGS (oil on panel) 10" x 24" by Michael Provenza
UNDER THE SEA (oil on panel) 18" x 24" by Michael Provenza
A TREE FOR EVERYONE (oil on panel) 12" x 30" by Michael Provenza
SEVEN (oil on panel) 14" x 35" by Michael Provenza
SHORT CUT (oil on panel) 16" x 18" by Michael Provenza
A WALK IN THE PARK (oil on panel) 16" x 16" by Michael Provenza
HOME (oil on panel) 10" x 24" by Michael Provenza

Michael Provenza | Surrealist Pointillism

Michael Provenza has a totally original perception of nature and landscape. Provenza’s oil paintings reveal a successful blend of the old with the new – merging a realistic and remarkable dimensional quality with a surreal and magical environment – in a truly distinctive style characterized as Surrealist Pointillism.

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